I fled Vietnam as a refugee with my family in 1985. When my mother became ill, I used all of my savings to travel to Vietnam to help care for her. I planned to stay only a few months, but her health was quickly failing.  She passed away, and I returned to United States after a 10-month stay in Vietnam.

When I got back, I decided to finally file for United States citizenship.  When I was interviewed by an Immigration officer, he questioned me about my recent 10-month visit to Vietnam.  I was told that unless I could produce evidence of my mother's illness and death that my citizenship application would be denied. Thanks to SVCLS, an attorney was able to help me obtain my mother's death certificate, medical records, and doctor's statements.  They accompanied me to the follow-up interview at the Immigration office.  My citizenship application was approved. I'm so excited that I will now be able to vote.

~ Mrs. Tran