Recent Immigrant, Abandoned by Her Family, Finds Help with Housing, Benefits

Shortly after we immigrated to the U.S. to live with my son, my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

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Pro Bono Day SV 2017


Pro Bono Day 2015 was a big success! Check back to this page in 2017 for details on Pro Bono Day 2017.

Be a Superstar for Justice.  Come learn how to earn your cape and be a Superhero for those in need of quality legal representation.  Attend Pro Bono Day SV 2015!

In one location and on one day you can earn up to 3.0 MCLE; hear legal services leaders from eight Silicon Valley-based providers profile their agencies; gain insight into Elimination of Bias and working with low-income clients, learn content you need to assist individuals with meritorious cases, grow your network of contacts and volunteer to make a difference.

When: October 27, 2015

Program: 1:30 - 5:30 pm

Wrap-up BBQ: 5:30 - 7:00 pm

Where: Hewlett-Packard Company Conference Center, 3000 Hanover                            Street, Palo Alto, CA



Our conference opens with a FLASH PANEL, where you will hear from eight legal services agency leaders and learn about their organizations.

The PLENARY SESSION: ELIMINATION OF BIAS will provide valuable insight into the clients you will be helping when you volunteer to take a pro bono case.  This session will help registrants develop the skills necessary to relate to and represent diverse client communities such as seniors, immigrant populations, and those living with mental health disabilities. After attending this session, attendees will be in a better position to represent clients whose personal circumstances and the lenses through which they see the world may differ from their own. Earn 1.0 MCLE credit when you attend this session.

Training Day continues with CURRICULA IN FOUR COMMUNITY IMPACT AREAS where pro bono legal assistance creates positive outcomes for low-income clients. Each curriculum track is divided into two sessions. You will earn 1.0 MCLE credit for each of the following sessions you attend.

All registrations include the Flash Panel and Plenary sessions.  Registrants are strongly encouraged to pick two sessions from a single curriculum track to gain more in-depth knowledge of a single community need area.  Registrants also can choose to attend a single session from two different tracks.  There will be hand-out materials.


  • Session 1:  Eviction, Answers and Stays
    Thousands of eviction lawsuits are filed against tenants each year. A majority of tenants do not have the knowledge, time, or resources to file an answer or other responsive pleading to the eviction lawsuit, and as a result, have default judgments entered against them. When tenants receive default judgments, they effectively lose their chance to defend the eviction and-often just as crucially-lose the additional time in their homes that is afforded by filing an answer. In this session, learn how to assist tenants to file an answer to an eviction lawsuit.

Presenter:  Mariel Block, Esq., Law Foundation of Silicon Valley

  • Session 2:  Litigation and Negotiation
    Rent increases are forcing many low to middle income families out of the area or into homelessness.  Many tenants have valid defenses to eviction cases but do not have the resources to defend themselves in court.  Other tenants cannot stay in their homes but need valuable additional time to move out in order to find a new place to live and avoid homelessness. In this session, learn the nuts and bolts of litigation and negotiation in eviction cases and help prevent homelessness.

Presenter: Jason Tarricone, Esq., Community Legal Services in East                       Palo Alto


  • Session 1:  Child Custody and Child Support
    This session will cover the different types of Family Law actions, with a focus on cases involving children and domestic violence. It will discuss the types of relief available in family law, paying particular attention to custody and child support.

Presenter:  Julie Saffren, Esq., Pro Bono Project Silicon Valley

  • Session 2: Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
    This session will cover important topics affecting litigants in Family Court, especially when allegations of Domestic Violence are present. The session will focus on Domestic Violence Restraining Orders from initiation to after hearing.

Presenter:  Erin Orum, Esq., BayLegal


  • Session 1: DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)
    Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA is a form of immigration relief that grants work authorization and temporary relief from deportation for certain eligible youth who entered the United States while they were under the age of 16.   This session will cover the basic eligibility requirements for DACA, procedures to apply, as well as risks and pitfalls associated with this benefit process.

Presenter:  Bea Pangilinan, Esq., Asian Law Alliance

  • Session 2:  U VISA including Foreign Labor Contracting and                                    By-Stander Victims
    Attendees will learn the nuts and bolts of representing immigrant clients who are survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, or other serious crimes, to help them obtain legal status in the form of the U Visa. This immigration relief can help survivors, their families and by-stander victims of crimes embark on a pathway to legal permanent residency and eventually citizenship.

Presenters:  Lynette Parker, Esq., Alexander Community Law Center                       Protima Pandey, Esq., BayLegal


  • Session 1:  Aging in Place: Seniors Living Independently
    This session will cover basic planning documents - Advance Health Care Directives and Durable Powers of Attorney -- for health and personal care decision-making or for financial management when older persons cannot make these decisions themselves or no longer wish to do so. This type of planning is important as it supports older adults to Age in Place - to live independently with dignity and in the housing of their choice for as long as possible.

Presenter:  Michele Schroeder, Esq., Senior Adults Legal Assistance

  • Session 2:  Guardianships
    This session will be an overview of California law and procedures for the guardianship of a minor. There are many low-income children living with caregivers who are not their parents. The overview will include the burden of proof, the strict notice requirements, the guardianship screening and home study process as well as the required documents that must be filed prior to a hearing.

Presenter:  Janet Seldon, Esq., Legal Aid of San Mateo County


Before the conference draws to an end, participants can immediately sign-up to volunteer pro bono with their agency(s) of choice and can expect to obtain an assignment quickly.

A BBQ mixer for all conference attendees will close out the day.

Pro Bono Training Day is a program of THE CAMPAIGN for Legal Services and is offered during the American Bar Association's And Justice for All: Celebrate Pro Bono Week.  The conference is free-of-charge.

Special thank you to our friends and Sponsor

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